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Diversity report shows more women in senior management roles

By April 25, 2024No Comments

A survey of businesses that signed up to a pledge to improve diversity and inclusion in their workplaces has found higher levels of female participation at senior and executive levels compared to the national average.

The ‘Elevate Report’ from Business in the Community Ireland (BITCI) found 40% female representation at senior and executive roles, higher than the 30% reported in the CSO Gender Balance in Business Survey.

The study looked at more than 120,000 workers employed by 60 companies that signed up to the ‘Elevate Pledge’.

The firms committed to making their workplaces more diverse and inclusive and agreed to begin the task of measuring and disclosing workforce data across gender, age, disability, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

The study found that more organisations, 28 out of 60, are collecting disability data on their employees.

There has been a steady increase across different ethnicity groups at all organisational levels except at management level.

The research also found that 34 signatories have partnered with employment support organisations that work with the unemployed.

“Our Elevate Pledge signatories recognise that employment is the single most important factor in moving people out of poverty and to becoming active participants in society,” said Linda O’Sullivan, Head of Social Inclusion, BITCI.

“To advance this further, more action is required to gather and analyse the data across all diversity indicators,” Ms O’Sullivan said.

Article Source – Diversity report shows more women in senior management roles – RTE

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